Complete Eye Wear Department

Optical Shop Hours of Operation are Monday though Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., you are welcome to stop by or call ahead for a scheduled appointment with our optician.

An Optician’s expertise is important in selecting the perfect frame and lenses for your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable opticians are trained to help you make the right choices when selecting your new eyewear. From assisting with frame selection and advising appropriate lens designs, to ensuring a proper fit, our attention to detail is what distinguishes us from any other optical department in the area.

Lens technology is rapidly changing with digital surfacing and improvements in anti-reflective coatings, which are more durable and clearer then ever before. We offer single vision plastic, polycarbonate, trivex and Veralux progressive lenses.

We have something for everyone, as we carry a wide variety of frames for children, men, women and seniors. We have a full line of bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses with standard or digital surfacing.

Sunglasses, sports glasses and safety eyewear are all available as well.

For the fashion conscious we offer lines such as: Vera Bradley, Versace, Saks, Burberry and Juicy Couture, to name a few.

No problem! Our staff can provide you with the necessary training you need to inset and care for your lenses, and allow long-term contact lens enjoyment and comfort, while ensuring the utmost in safety.

Latham Optical features Crizal® eyeglass lenses


After taking the time to choose the perfect eyeglass frames, shouldn’t you also choose the best possible lenses to put in them? After all, the lenses are what help you see well. Advanced Crizal lenses let you do just that.

• With regular lenses, up to 18% of light never gets through to your eyes
• Crizal lenses let up to 99% of light through, so you see more detail, sharper images, and everything more clearly

The latest generation of Crizal no-glare lenses does more than provide clearer vision—they practically take care of themselves:

    • Resist scratches, fingerprints, dust, and dirt
    • Hydrophobic technology allows water to run right off and leave no mark
    • Easier to clean than any other available lenses 


Glare affects how you live and work. Long hours in front of a computer and harsh artificial lighting can make your eyes tired and stressed.

    • Have you ever seen halos around lights at night?
    • Do the words on your computer screen begin to blur while you’re working?

If you answered yes, then glare is impacting your vision. Since Crizal lenses reduce glare, they also reduce the problems that interfere with the way you live and work by:

    • Reducing eye fatigue caused by fluorescent lights and computer screens 
    • Reducing glare from headlights, taillights, and even overhead lights, so you see more clearly
    • Providing unparalleled comfort while driving, to help keep you and your passengers safe


Annoying glare can not only keep you from seeing the world, it can keep the world from seeing you. When glare does not reflect off your lenses, they appear virtually invisible. This allows you to see better, look better, and feel better about your glasses.
With Crizal, people see your eyes, not your lenses.