Eye Injuries

When an eye injury does occur, have an ophthalmologist or other medical doctor examine the eye as soon as possible, even if the injury seems minor at first.

Please do not hesitate to call our office with questions. concerns, or an emergency appointment (518) 220-1400

A serious eye injury is not always immediately obvious. Delaying medical attention can cause the damaged areas to worsen and could result in permanent vision loss or blindness.

For all eye injuries:

  • DO NOT touch, rub or apply pressure to the eye.

  • DO NOT try to remove the object stuck in the eye.

  • Do not apply ointment or medication to the eye.

  • See a doctor as soon as possible, preferably an ophthalmologist.

If your eye has been cut or punctured:

  • Gently place a shield over the eye. The bottom of a paper cup taped to the bones surrounding the eye can serve as a shield until you get medical attention.

  • DO NOT rinse with water.

  • DO NOT remove the object stuck in eye.

  • DO NOT rub or apply pressure to eye.

  • Avoid giving aspirin, ibuprofen or other non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs thin the blood and may increase bleeding.

  • After you have finished protecting the eye, see a physician immediately.

If you get a particle or foreign material in your eye:

  • DO NOT rub the eye.

  • Lift the upper eyelid over the lashes of your lower lid.

  • Blink several times and allow tears to flush out the particle.

  • If the particle remains, keep your eye closed and seek medical attention.

In case of a chemical burn to the eye:

  • Immediately flush the eye with plenty of clean water

  • Seek emergency medical treatment right away.

To treat a blow to the eye:

  • Gently apply a small cold compress to reduce pain and swelling.

  • DO NOT apply any pressure.

  • If a black eye, pain or visual disturbance occurs even after a light blow, immediately contact us or an emergency room.

Remember that even a light blow can cause a significant eye injury.

To treat sand or small debris in the eye:

  • Use eyewash to flush the eye out.

  • DO NOT rub the eye.

  • If the debris doesn't come out, lightly bandage the eye and see us or visit the nearest emergency room.